Our Mission


In our ever changing world, where we are increasingly interconnected, where “Globalisation” has become the buzzword of our times, and where we are inundated with new information overwhelming our choices, we have come to recognize the true value and greater need to be connected to the right people, the right businesses and to be present in the right territories.

Therefore, we have devoted ourselves to be the bridge which makes such vital connections. A bridge that provides our clients the clarity of who their most suitable partners are, a bridge that leads them onto the direct & optimal route to achieve a win-win partnership. Our aim is not only to bring our clients to their desired destinations, but also to allow them a jolly good ride! We consider providing an effective & reliable professional service a given. We take pride in our clients’ success and are proud to be engaged with most of our clients on a long-term basis.

Our Key Operating Area


We are most active in the golden triangle amongst the Nordic countries, the UK and China/ HK/Singapore, though we have expanded to continental Europe, America and South Africa.


  • Business Matchmaking
  • Sports Media Rights Acquisition Consulting
  • Sports Marketing & Sponsorship
  • Media Content Sourcing & Acquisition
  • Advertising Strategy Consulting & Ads Sales
  • PR & Communications Management
  • Brand Building & Consulting
  • Design Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Intelligent Business Networking
  • Mega & VIP Event Management

Our Clients & Partners


  • Super Sports Media Group
  • Premier League
  • Iqiyi Sports
  • UEFA
  • China Open (tennis)
  • Yadii Media Group
  • ATP Media
  • EA
  • BBC
  • YLE (Finland)
  • Danske Private Banking
  • Nordea Private Banking
  • SEB
  • Nokia
  • Tamares
  • Philharmonia Orchestra
  • Opera Holland Park
  • Finnair
  • CCTV (China Central Television
  • CNTV (China Network Television)
  • CBN (China Business Network Television)
  • Topps

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Premier Business Matchmaking and Consulting Limited

Jury Farm, Ripley Lane, West Horsley, Surrey, KT24 6JT, United Kingdom